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Melody is a versatile, outgoing and ambitious student of life as well as an accomplished speaker, certified life coach and budding author. 


Professionally, Melody is the manager of a STEM training program for minorities, women and veterans.  She travels nationwide to prepare her program participants for corporate success.  Her other professional endeavors are life coaching, speaking and writing.  Her specialty is in leadership, communication and career advancement.


Through her transformative work, Melody has coached and trained hundreds of people, especially women, on how to live a life of fulfillment, pride and success.  Her proven formula of combining passion with communication and teamwork has resulted in professional and personal accomplishments for herself and her clients. 


Melody was raised on the south side of Chicago by a loving, Jamaican mother who exemplified a strong work ethic, which Melody adopted. As such, she has received several awards for outstanding service and leadership.  She is a college graduate who is affiliated with several organizations including Landmark Worldwide and Toastmasters International.  She is also a devoted member of Christ Universal Temple.


In looking to do something different for love, Melody came up with the idea of Organic Chemistry to create the space to meet her beloved husband.  Through a social media campaign, she hopes to meet and marry the love of her life.


Being a romantic, Melody has confidence in her plan along with a team of family and friends who are supporting this effort.  Following the line from LL Cool J’s song “Doin’ It” – “Conventional methods kinda bore me” – Melody is doing her own thing, creating her own luck and causing the miraculous!


Want to meet Melody?  Good!  Then click on the link on the top of this page, fill out the form and await a reply! 




What I love about me:
Traveling and exploring
Keeping my word
Being active in church

What I LIKE about me:
Spending time with my family
Shopping for clothes and shoes
Playing Words with Friend

What I DISLIKE about me:
Walking up stairs (my knees hurt)
Loaning clothes to my sister
Missing out on social events

5’8” (I love wearing heels)
Average size with curves

What I love about YOU:
Traveling and exploring
Keeping your word
Spiritual and growth-oriented

What I LIKE about YOU:

Spending time with my family
Cooking healthy dishes
Your dusting skills

What I DISLIKE about YOU:
Taking the bus
Working extra-long hours
Being a couch potato

5'10" or taller
Average size to teddy bear

IMG_3280_Mel Byrd 021


53, no kids, no car, no mortgage, no husband, no debt. Wait, scratch that last one.  I’m not a unicorn!

Here are a few things that you don’t know about me but may find interesting:

At this point in life, I want fun and companionship and someone who wants the same. After getting divorced in 1998, I did not know what I wanted.  I struggled for years with trying to find the perfect guy, the right guy, the right now guy and none of it worked.  I have dated on and off for years, only to find myself still unmarried with tons of funny dating stories. 

I feel that chemistry along with several other factors will be the key to our successful marriage.  Add in some integrity, trust, team work along with some mutual interests and values plus LOVE for making a powerhouse couple.  So, what do I like?  Watching funny movies, eating dessert in the bed, having conversations where we solve all the world’s problems and especially, helping others through community service.

In 8th grade, I graduated Valedictorian and had big dreams for my future.  I still have bright dreams of writing a NY times best seller, speaking around the world, and coaching a super star!  I know that our marriage will be mutually supportive and we will both be doing great things!  I’m just a little girl from the South side who knows now that anything is possible and especially with an awesome man, we will conquer the world!

My Momi is from Jamaica and yes, I can talk with a Jamaican accent, even though I was born here

I drive slow, unless I am in a rush. Because of that, I dislike tailgaters!

I will pay someone to do housework and yardwork before I mess up my manicure or bust a sweat

I have no sense of direction and am used to being lost, even in parking lots

My sister is my best friend and we talk several times a day about everything and nothing

When juicing my fruits and veggies, I have a routine: turn on fun music, sing and dance while I cut everything up, juice it, then thank God before I drink it down

I don’t eat beef or pork any longer and don’t miss it.I want to give up chicken but I love fried wings too much

My calling in life is to be of service. I’m passionate about it

My love language is acts of service and quality time. I love dating men whose primary language is touch

I believe in the law of attraction, the God in me and speaking life

Lastly, I am an open person.  My life is an example for others about what can happen when you believe... Believe in self and others, believe in God and most importantly, believe in the power of love.

IMG_3280_Mel Byrd 021